Honey Bee Farming for Beginners

Before you go you and spend money for beginner bee farmer, it is sensible to know if beekeeping is one thing you actually want to do. Is it, or could it, be a passion? How do you know if you have a desire for beekeeping and whether you will be able to progress from beginner beekeeping to commercial beekeeping?

Firstly, enquire of yourself; Why beekeeping as against something else? Do you suffer with a long standing involvement in bees? Have you worked with bees before? Have you worked in a honey processing factory and wondered how the honey is made? Do you end up tuning in to news items about bees? What are your aspirations? Are you just curious about beginner bee farming? Have you ever wanted a second income? A full time living? You ought to ask these searching questions of yourself.

Secondly, do you have a location to do your beginner beekeeping? Do you carry on a property worthwhile for bees? Are the bees going to bother your neighbours? Beekeeping in an apartment in the city is not hopeless. You can keep bees on some apartment or workplace building roofs. You’ll require approval from your manager and perhaps your local Council! Yet, if you live in the USA you may have legal problems if your bees sting any residents!

The best places for beginner beekeeping are on farms, lifestyle blocks, and on urban properties with large gardens. Miniature or mini hives are suitable for an urban location. But if you live the countryside, you are in the best place for beginner beekeeping.

Thirdly, how much is beginner beekeeping going to cost? It is significant to consider charges. You will have the charges of buying protective clothing, a helmet and veil, and mitts. You will have to purchase the hive or hives, your swarm, beekeeping tools, a smoker, and smoker fuel. Beginner beekeeping equipment and a an operating hive could cost $300 – $1,000 or more. The best alternative is to buy a living hive from a beekeeper and to purchase the beekeeping tools and clothing new.

Fourthly, how much honey do you want to produce annually? The amount of hives you buy relies on this. But also, the number of hives relies on your beginner beekeeping location.

Fifthly, can you afford the time to look after your bees? They will have to have feeding, the hives will have to have scraping and moving, and you will need to process your honey. If you just want comb honey you will just have to cut it into squares from the frame. If you want fluid honey you will need to extract it with your own honey extractor or take it to a founded beekeeper for extraction if you have lots of frames. For beginner beekeeping you will no longer have your own personal honey extractor so the best selection will be eating the comb honey.

Sixthly, are you going to sell your honey? In beginner beekeeping you will in all probability sell little, if any, honey. You will in all probability eat it or give it to friends. If your beginner beekeeping is on a bigger scale you could sell it from the side of the road if your in the countryside. If you are beekeeping in the city you could sell it to your neighbours (if they haven’t been stung!)

If you give enough thought to these six items you will prepare well for your start in beekeeping. You will avoid the major problems and know that you will sustain a pastime in beekeeping of sufficient length to gain its benefits, both emotional and financial.

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