How to Start Honey Bees

When starting with beekeeping, it can be rather a daunting prospect initially with lots of people not knowing where to begin. Yet, once you’ve familiarized yourself with what is required then you will be well on your journey to having your individual ready supply of honey for you, or perhaps you may be thinking beekeeping as a home based business.

Before you even start looking at keeping bees, you should investigate the legal position. In most countries there are no particular restrictions, so provided you take precautions to avoid swarming and maintain good relations with your neighbors you should not have any issues. In other countries, yet, there are certain restrictions. In the US, as an example, you will require a license to keep bees. The’re some communities within the US who have banned domestic beekeeping altogether, so you ought to check your local legislation carefully.

Your next consideration is your bee hive. The’re a number of different hives to pick out from, but the one in most frequent use is the Langstroth. This is a movable frame hive which allows good access all regions whilst minimising injury to the bees. In the United Kingdom the British National Hive is the most frequent, that is very much in-line with the Langstroth, but a little smaller.

You can source your honeybees either from an established beekeeper, or from a reputable specialist supplier. It is most likely that the supplier will send your starter colony of bees by mail order in a nucleus hive. You may see that there is a beekeeping association near your home who can recommend a reliable source of bees. The’re some beekeepers who will source their bees from a swarm, but this is not recommended for beginner beekeepers.

Beekeeping is not an effortless hobby like coin collecting. It’s a hobby where you learn, go outside to work, and then enjoy the rewards when you harvest your first crop of honey. Yet, it is unquestionably a hobby where it is significant to learn how to do it the right way, but the rewards certainly make it worthwhile.

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