Beginner Beekeeping

When beginning beekeeping one has to understand that just like any other hobby beekeeping does require you to have a passion for it and to be willing to spend time with it. The beekeeping industry has come a long way from it being an easy hobby to where it’s opening opportunities across the world. Many beekeepers that have not been raised in a family that practiced this will have to really learn fast from a seasoned beekeeper that has had years of experience from knowing the biology and study of bees.

As a beekeeper you also have to keep in mind that there are particular times of the year where they may not be any honey production since bees are most active during the warm months so that’s why most of them are in reality farmers since they have to have a method to make a living when it gets cold. The advantage is that its not a costly hobby and it can be cheap since you can produce a box put some slides in them and permit the bees to come there, but the point is that you have to know where to put the boxes for the bees to build their hives in.

You have to train yourself to be educated in the area of entomology because you have to know what insects will be compatible around bees because some insects will feed upon bees, such as yellow jackets, hornets, and wasps which are primarily mites and are one of the worst insects because they’re so relatively tiny that you require a microscope to see them up close. Science plays a huge part in a beekeeper’s training and gaining experience since most people aren’t savvy to science and the elements of it which is significant and necessary because you have to have some idea of how to manage bees and what to do to keep their habitat healthy and to keep pests from overtaking the hives and killing the bees. There are a good number of steps involving the correct education and training of a beekeeper and what you’re searching for is somebody that is serious and dedicated to a lifestyle that’s been a tradition in a few families for generations.

Many individuals learn through the ranks of great grandparents, grandparents, and parents and it’s just a family group tradition and lifestyle that’s taught to children. It wasn’t even about producing money it was actually one other chore on the farm, but in the years it slowly progressed into a farm staple that was being sold enjoy its product either then, meat and dairy, but it’s still a profitable market anyway you observe it and it’s one of the sweetest things internationally.

Acquiring the Bees

The nice thing about beekeeping is that it doesn’t require a lot of money and space to start of with.  The begin expense of the typical hive is approximately $300 per hive (you only need one to get begin with). Once you have obtained a hive it can be retained an inaccessible corner of your back yard, it is not uncommon to see some suburban homes with a bee hive.

If you are thinking about starting a beehive the initial thing you should do is call your local Cooperative Extension workplace. They will be able to state if you live in a region that restricts keeping bees. They will also be able to give you the contact information of your states beekeeping establishment where it is possible to become a registered beekeeper.

The next matter you must have to do is select a site for your potential honey bee hive.

Once you have chosen a site for your beehive you will need to go about acquiring the tools required to successfully uphold a beehive. Some of the tools you will need can be purchased used with EBay. If you are unable to find the equipment you need on EBay the’re several on-line sites where you can buy equipment. If you need further assistance finding and buying a beehive and other beekeeping equipment call your local Cooperative Extension workplace or the Federation of American Beekeepers.

Before acquiring bees for your hive it’s critical to make sure that you are properly protected, this means you need to purchase beekeepers gear.

Once your hive is in place and you are confident that everything is in good order it’s time to order your honey bees. The best way is to order Honey Bees from a founded Apiary. You should plan on placing you bee order early in the winter, the average beekeeper orders their bees in January and February. The order is commonly shipped in March and April. Most Apiary’s ship their bees through the U.S. postal service. When the bees get to the post office your mail carrier will call and ask that you collect the bees. Very few mail carriers are comfy driving all over the county with a car filled with young angry bees in their car and most bees are more healthy if they don’t have enough spend several hours in a hot car.

When you collect your bees they ought to have been packaged in a particular carrying case that is intended just for bees. This package will be a wooden framed.

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