How Much Money Can You Make As A Beekeeper

Whilst it is true that most beekeepers internationally are amateurs, and keep bees as a hobby in preference to a company. It is in addition true that beekeeping can be very profitable using modern methods. In a normal season it is quite feasible to achieve a profit over charges of 100% or even more.

Also in beekeeping’s favour is the fact that you do not require acres of land, or any great physical strength to do it. Making it a great hobby for virtually anyone with a pursuit in the subject, and a love of the outdoors.

Four square feet of land is quite enough for a hive, and a small plot of twenty-five square feet could hold from 25 to 50 hives. No heavy labour is required. In point of fact for five or six months of the year there’s very little to do at all. And for the rest of the year probably a quarter of an hour seven days would be all you’d need to spend on one stock (hive). So even if you’d twelve hives that’s just three hours work seven days.

It’s only light work as well, out in the fresh air. There are even schoolchildren keeping bees and contributing to the family unit income. There are many so called sideline beekeepers making some money of $20,000 from around 90 hives. O.K. I know what you’re thinking. That sounds like a good number of hives and work does not it.

Hey, most things require work of some sort, so if you’re enjoying what you do it’s not really like work anyway. 90 hives would require you to spend not up to 24 hours seven days on them at the briskest time. Now just think how many hours seven days you watch TV. Probably being thoroughly bored the majority of the time!

So can you imagine how much money you could make if you wanted to be a full-time beekeeper, beekeeping for a living. Naturally you’d need to establish slowly and steadily over a period of time, but even a couple of hives could make you a helpful addition to your finances.

Let’s work from the figures above as an instance. 90 hives obtaining around $20,000. Maybe you have just 12 hives. So we can say that should make you around $3,000. Naturally you are only actually working with your hives for about three hours seven days, and that’s only for six months in the year. Making a total of 72 hours actual beekeeping (work). Now by my reckoning that works out at over $40 per hour.

Now I don’t be aware of you, but I believe that makes beekeeping well worth considering.

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3 Responses to How Much Money Can You Make As A Beekeeper

  1. Freddie says:

    Can I make living from working 8 amours x 5 days from honey business

  2. freddo says:

    Can I earn a living from bees farming? How many beehives would I need to have?

  3. john siminski says:

    Just reading through your website reply on how much money you can make. You keep mentioning the it takes seven 15 minute days for each hive. Does that mean you need to dedicate seven days out of the season to do the work, or are you meaning it take 15 minutes EVERY day per hive? I’m just trying to get a feel for the time required.

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