How to Raise Honey Bees

Beekeeping may be an exciting hobby and a lucrative business opportunity. The need for honey is increasing daily. In the U.S, the typical honey consumption in annually is more than 300 million pounds. The most inspiring aspect of beekeeping is that anybody can get done it, no matter age, gender and educational qualification. It doesn’t need a leading investment either. All the same, you must invest a little effort as a way to earn a nutritious income. If your a newcomer, it is advisable to get a firm grasp of the basics of beekeeping to help you get moving.

Essential beekeeping supplies:

The bees and queens are the fundamental beekeeping supplies. You can purchase packaged bees and queens that are medicated for mites. The’re beginner’s kits available that include everything you require for the initial phase of beekeeping. You can choose either assembled kits or unassembled kits. Assembled kits accompany the hive bodies, frame and supers that are assembled and ready to use. Some trustworthy companies provide a durable plastic helmet and veil along with the kits. They also provide a hive top feeder for feeding your bees and for providing insulating material to the bees during wintertime months. The ventilated leather mitts, hive tool, a smoker made of stainless steel, and monitoring tray are another crucial supplies that accompany the beginner’s kits.


Beekeeping equipment like a telescoping cover is essential to safeguard your bees from inclemency. This cover features a durable, galvanized top to give you enhanced protective cover to your bees. Hive wrap insulating material is useful in covering your hives, when your bees are exposed to extreme weather. This insulating material features a great deal of small holes for proper ventilation.

A pollen trap featuring anatomic frame design lets you raise your personal pollen without debris. You can as a consequence harvest clean pollen. Queen excluders are yet another vital equipment in beekeeping. They’re used above the incubate chamber through which worker bees can pass, but the queen bees that are larger in size are excluded. The commercial beekeepers prefer metal queen excluders. All the same, plastic queen excluders work just as well for novices, and they are very easy to clean.

Bee escapes and harvesting equipment eases the process of beekeeping. The triangle escape board lets you remove your bees from a super easily. You just have to have to position the board between the supers and the incubate chamber. The bees leaving the supers cannot go back to in, so you are able to empty your super rapidly. A bee brush is useful equipment that helps to harvest a fraction of an inch of honey. You only need to brush the bees off the frame.

A honey extractor is indispensable equipment used in the honey harvest. It is for sale with hand crank or motor. A good honey extractor avoids crushing young bees and pollen and it likewise helps to avoid indiscriminate loss of honey. You can utilize an extractor heat tape to warm the extractor and increase the speed of the honey flow. You can also use a small device called refractometer to measure the moisture content of your honey. A honey color grader is also important equipment that is used to recognize the real color of the honey.

With a small effort, and the right equipment anybody can get moving beekeeping. It can be a lucrative business, or a pleasurable hobby.

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