Raising Bees For Profit

Contrary to what you could think starting a beekeeping business is not that challenging. It does not require a lot of knowledge, special skill or even a large investment. It does involve learning a little about bees and the kinds of things you’ll require.

Although starting is not challenging, most beekeepers enjoy their new discovered business as it is a project in which you will continually learn.

First Step

Your first step in a beekeeping business is to read about beekeeping and the process, then you will need to purchase the tools you require. Stay faraway from used equipment, or if you do purchase used equipment be certain to get it scrutinized by a specialist. You wouldn’t want to purchase hives that have had an earlier virus, or illness, and which scares away new bees.

Second Step – Working out the Type of Hive You Want

In most cases it’s difficult to give a general best hive to purchase. It genuinely hinges on the region you are in. The best thing you can do is talk to local beekeepers and ask them what they use, and which works best for that area.

Third Step

You now need to add bees to your hive, and you can do that in one of three ways. You can use a nucleus, a package, or a swarm.

The nucleus is where you buy a 3 to 5 frame, hive with a brood and a laying queen. You usually buy a nuc with bees of all ages. You will in addition need to feed the bees immediately after installation and until they come to terms with their new home.


This is where bees are traded by the pound with a laying queen that is inside the main bee cage. The package goes with a sugar feeder so the bees will not starve while you transport them. The length of time it takes to set up a package hinges on where you reside, and you should get advice from a local beekeeping association, or beekeeper.


The’re beekeepers that catch swarms and they use these to supplement their hives, but this system often times works and often times does not, because of the chance of the oncoming of Tracheal Mites or Varroa. The good thing about this method is that the swarms march right in and go to work immediately.

Fourth Step – Your Equipment

Your best bet is to start getting different suppliers and doing a price comparison. In the first year though, you probably will not need an extractor, because your harvest will as opposed to extracted honey for that first year.

A Smoker

Dependent on the type of hive you get, you might need a smoker, as these help calm the bees while you are doing your inspection. The best of these comes in copper, so it lasts for quite a while.

Your Protective Suit

You require some kind of protective suit, and you wouldn’t want to skimp here. A little piece of netting on a flimsy hat will not do. You require a thing that wont com loose and let a bee get caught inside.

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